Securities Transactions

We have extensive knowledge and experience to provide high-quality securities counsel. We advise clients on securities issues specific to private companies and assist with preparing securities offering documents.

We take seriously our obligation to know our client in a securities offering and therefore conduct due diligence on matters stated in offering documents.  This approach is beneficial to our clients because investors appreciate our diligence and our clients’ professionalism. As such, we prefer to thoroughly understand a company’s business and objectives so that we can better and more effectively advise them as well as to help ensure that any disclosure documents are accurate and complete. We have strong experience practicing before and working with the SEC.  

We also understand the difference between simply assisting our clients to draft offering and disclosure documents and helping guide them to opportunities, investors and relationships; thus we are able to leverage our industry knowledge and contacts with underwriters, investment banks, hedge funds and PIPE funds to identify possible partners who can help our clients grow their businesses in an efficient manner.

We have also represented all participants including issuers, underwriters, investment banks and investors in public and private offerings allows us to better understand market expectations, the interests of the parties to these transactions, the business needs of our clients and the need for efficient execution and speed to market. We have substantial experience with regard to real estate securities, real estate investment trusts and real estate-based securities.