Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are referred to as “alternative dispute resolution” or “ADR.” It is common for businesses to include arbitration provisions in their customer and employment agreements and policies. In other situations, traditional litigation is not always the best process for resolving disputes. When these matters are at issue, out-of-court resolution through mediation or arbitration may save time and money, although arbitration can be more costly than litigation in certain instances; and ADR is particularly appropriate to resolve disputes out of the public eye. These processes also allow for greater flexibility in crafting creative solutions. For this reason, many contracts require commercial arbitration or mediation in the event of a dispute.

A neutral evaluator (mediator) plays a key role in facilitating dispute resolution outside of court. To be fully effective, however, the neutral must have a strong background in the legal and practical ramifications of the dispute at issue. Similarly, an arbitrator must possess astute analytical skills to arrive at an outcome that is well-grounded in the facts and law.

Because they play such a key role in shaping the course of a dispute, your choice of an arbitrator or neutral can significantly impact your case.

Wittenberg Law attorneys have extensive background in arbitration and mediation, and they draw on their strong and diverse legal backgrounds spanning over 60 years.. By handling these disputes as an advocate for plaintiffs and defendants as well as a neutral facilitator and third-party decision-maker, Wittenberg lawyers offer a well-rounded perspective. Their strong analytical skills, business experience, patience and understanding of varying worldviews give them the ability to cut through complex issues to develop reasoned resolutions in an efficient manner.