Elder Abuse Litigation

We routinely represent victims of financial elder abuse. California law defines an “elder” as someone 65 years of age or older.  We have successfully restored our clients’ bank accounts and self-esteem from the perpetrators of the unlawful conduct.  Typically, the perpetrators are investment advisors, financial advisors, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, family members, lawyers, accountants, and caretakers.  It is often someone trusted by the victim, but it can be anyone.  We seek and obtain justice for those affected by elder financial abuse.

The elderly are a particularly vulnerable population, and are often the victims of manipulation and exploitation. Our aging seniors, especially those with dementia or other cognitive debilitation, can be abused in a variety of ways, but one of the most common forms of elder abuse has to do with money. Many individuals target senior citizens for financial reasons, and these crimes may result in serious losses to the victim and their family. We take legal action to recover damages and put an end to the exploitation.

When a senior citizen is ill, disabled, or otherwise dependent on others, it can make them easy prey for this kind of theft. This is especially true when certain caretakers or family members have power over the elder person’s medical care or estate matters. Too often, funds are mismanaged, or go missing altogether, when the wrong people are put in charge. We are experts at investigating these matters to marshal strong evidence and hold the perpetrator accountable.

Elder abuse can take many forms, but financial situations can be difficult to detect. If you suspect that your aging loved one is being taken advantage of, reach out to us right away. Ask for your free case review to get started on the path to justice.