Investment Litigation

Investments carry risk. Some investors, in hindsight, forget this simple point and rationalize that the other side of a transaction acted deceitfully in connection with an earlier agreement.

In some instances, however, an overzealous buyer or seller makes material misrepresentations that are relied upon by a counter-party and such reliance ends up damaging the unwitting buyer or seller.

We are exceptionally well versed in handling cases involving allegations of fraud in connection with purchases and sales of securities, businesses, and assets. We have litigated and arbitrated such cases in federal and state courts and various arbitration forums with great success for our clients. Our expertise in the law and the tactics involved in these cases gives us a keen advantage over our adversaries.

We have successfully represented investors who lost money; but we have also represented those who have been accused of assisting an alleged wrongdoer. Investment litigation requires specialized knowledge and experience; we have both.