Employment Litigation

We are unique among law firms because we represent both employers and employees.  We have successfully represented employers against employee lawsuits, and we have also successfully represented employees against their employers.  We take cases that have merit as determined by our team after investigating the matter prior to accepting a case.

Many employment disputes can and should be resolved informally upon a showing of mutual respect.  Often times, these disputes can be resolved without expensive litigation. But when litigation cannot be avoided, we are prepared to go to trial.  What sets us apart is our expertise in investigating these matters.  We have deployed our investigative skills to uncover facts about opposing parties that give our clients the upper hand.  

From high stakes “bet the company” litigation to single plaintiff sexual harassment cases, to administrative hearings before the Labor Commissioner, we have the experience and substantive expertise necessary to help clients win.  We are sensitive to the clients’ desire to control litigation costs.  We work closely with clients to implement realistic litigation budgets while still maintaining the high level of expertise and attention to the matter at hand.