Advising Entrepreneurs and Startups

As Berkeley law graduates from the early 2000s, we are well-informed in matters concerning entrepreneurs and founders in Silicon Valley. We are very happy to see that same atmosphere percolating in Silicon Beach. We regularly represent entrepreneurs/founders in a variety of sectors. We understand the issues facing start-ups, the various constituencies involved, and the standard for market deals.

Successful startups typically retain legal counsel early in the process knowing that a solid foundation is crucial to growing safer and smarter in the early years. We routinely advise entrepreneurs in the myriad issues confronting them including capital raising and investors, venture capital firms, employment, vendors, manufacturers, distribution, licensing, intellectual property, etc. The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make is believing that they can save money by going it alone without experienced legal counsel.

We understand entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups and the Silicon Beach culture. We are willing to work on alternative fee arrangements when the situation warrants it.