Partnership Disputes

We have successfully represented clients in a partnership disputes across a wide swath of business industry.  Our founder has been a business owner and uses his business acumen to the advantage of our clients.

We understand the complex relationship dynamics involved in ownership conflicts within closely-held companies and business partnerships, and our attorneys have extensive experience in this area. In previous cases, our firm has helped owners of professional practices, small manufacturing companies, service companies, retail stores, family businesses and other enterprises resolve disputes both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Many of our clients in a in partnership dispute arrive at our office in an emotionally charged state of mind.  We have unique experience in focusing our client on developing the most advantageous objectives, and then working together to develop a laser-focused strategy to achieve that objective.  We understand that our clients’ have their financial well-being on the line and in many cases their life-savings.  We are highly skilled at identifying all of your legal, business and practical options, allowing you to choose from an array of alternatives to suit your needs.

We are proud to have represented owners of businesses who have succeeded in remedying gross abuses of trust, embezzlement, misappropriation, oppression, self-dealing, etc. in the matter of weeks or months without the need to costly litigation because the upfront investigation and positioning dominated the negotiation.  That said, when pre-litigation resolution is not possible, we vigorously pursue our clients rights in court.