Class Action

We focus on three types of class action lawsuits: securities, consumer and employment. We are committed to seeking justice for individuals and groups who have been wronged by big corporations, employers, banks and insurance companies.

The purpose of any kind of class action litigation is to give an average individual the chance to take on some of the biggest private entities and corporations in the world, giving the individual person the chance to redress any wrong done by these major entities. For many of the victims involved in class action litigation, this is the only meaningful way to attempt to address fraud, widespread discrimination or other legal violations.

If you are suffering from a violation relating to an investment, commercial product or employment related matter,, you may be a part of a class of people experiencing the same thing. When many people have the same lawsuit, it is called a class-action lawsuit. It brings a much stronger offense against the company and increases your chances of getting a settlement or verdict award. We are fervent defenders of corporate abuse and vigorous litigators of class-action litigation.