Santa Monica property owners using Airbnb to profit from renting their property must now publicly register with the City, according to new language in the ordinance passed by the City Council Tuesday.  Owners can no longer opt out of publicizing their decision because the opt out provision made it difficult to track down and cite owners acting illegally.  In 2015, the City banned transforming any residential property into a vacation home but allowed home-sharing where the host remains in the house while guests stay.  The home-sharing websites themselves are responsible for collecting Transit Occupancy Taxes and can be held accountable for illegal listings. The City Council unanimously voted to keep a provision in the law that requires home-booking websites to hand over a list of home shares and vacation rentals in Santa Monica for cross-reference.  You may rent the unit for 31 days or more to a person or persons who do not live elsewhere and who intend to use the unit as their permanent residence. You may not rent the unit out for any period of time to a person or persons who reside elsewhere and intend their stay to be temporary — this is defined as corporate housing and is a zoning violation.  A Residential Rental Business License is required to rent out a residence. Transient Occupancy Tax is not applicable if renting a unit for more than 30 days.

Give us a call if you have questions about home sharing laws, rules and regulations or complaints about property owners engaged in illegal home sharing activities.  (310) 295-2010.